Mail Redirection

B&G offers two different mail redirection options. We can either hold any mail we receive for you or we can forward it to your new address. This means that your mail won’t be returned to sender once you are no longer a resident with us.

If you are travelling for the first few months when you leave B&G or you don’t yet know what your new permanent address will be, you can ask B&G to hold any mail received in your name. This option is available for a maximum of three months. After these three months have expired, and throughout that period if you can, you must come and collect all items that have been held. Anything we receive after this time will be sent back to the sender.

If you have a confirmed new address you can have your mail forwarded from B&G. If you select this option, we recommend that each time you receive an item of mail you notify the sender that your address has change and by the end of the three month period (the maximum time period a redirection is available for) anyone that sends you mail should be aware of the new address.

Each of these options are $30 and this amount must be paid prior to you leaving B&G.

Please note that if you are a returning resident that will not be in hall over summer, you DO NOT need to pay for this service, your mail will be held on your behalf until you return.

Please find a template form below and return a signed copy to

Mail Redirection Form