Event Resource & Risk Management Form

ERRM Forms are due at least 14 days prior to your event. Once submitted, your form will be subject to approval within approximately 5 business days. If you have not received confirmation after 5 days, please contact the Residential Wellbeing Coordinator.

ERRMF’s can only be submitted by a member of the leadership team. If you are not a member of the leadership team but wish to host an event, please seek the support of any leadership team member  to lodge this form on your behalf.

Any event held at the Hall where more than 100 people are expected to attend requires a Functions on Campus e-form to be submitted 14 working days in advance of the event. Any event where more than 200 people are expected to attend requires approval from ACT Health. Please consult with the Head of Hall or Residential Wellbeing Coordinator prior to submission of this form if you are planning an event like this.