Early Termination of Contract

If you are breaking your contract at B&G for any reason, you can find out all you need to know here. Please be aware of the difference between a contract cancellation and  leaving early.

Termination of Contract

We understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned and you may need to terminate your contract. Depending on your circumstances the following fees and penalties will apply.

  • $300 Cancellation Fee
  • Accommodation fees until a new resident is found

If you need to terminate your contract with B&G you will need to complete the Early Departure Form and make an appointment to meet with the Deputy Head of Hall. When returning the Early Departure Form, please be sure to include any relevent supporting documentation.

Due to the penalites it is always best to give us as much notice as possible so that we can do everything we can to find a new resident to take over your room. The sooner we find someone, the less we will have to charge you.

If you are leaving less than a month prior to the conclusion of your contract please also see the Leaving the Hall Early section as this information may be more relevant.

Leaving Early

All residents are contracted for a certain period (either a full year or a full semester) and are required to pay for the full term of that contract. If you finish exams early and wish to leave before your contracted departure date, you will still need to pay up to this date.

Your other option is to cancel your contract which will incur additional fees and charges.

It is our general recommendation that if you are leaving less than a month early that you pay out your contract. If you are leaving more than a month early, it can be worthwhile processing a cancellation. This is only general advise and my vary on a case by case basis, please email the Admissions Officer for more specific advise.

Please see contract cancellations for more information.