Congratulations and Welcome

Congratulations on being accepted into Burton and Garran Hall for 2016.

Now that you have accepted your offer to come to B&G there are just a few things you need to read and fill in.

In the menu above (and below) you will find a Payments and Finance section. Here you will find a direct debit form that is due to be filled in and returned by 9th February 2016. If you are coming from overseas and don’t have an Australian bank account, it’s no big deal, you will just need to pay an additional $423.70 in advance to extend the due date to 23rd February 2016, this form can also be found in this section.

Payment for your accommodation will be debited from you nominated Australian Bank Account once every two weeks. You can find the schedule of these deductions in the Payments and Finance menu above.

In order to confirm your place at B&G you will also need to complete the online  First Year Resident Form which can be found in the First Year Information section above along with some other helpful information. There is a section here with Family Information, so if your parents/guardians have any questions, feel free to direct them here first.

Once you have confirmed your transport, please send us an email to let us know when you expect to arrive. This will allow us to prepare for your arrival and also save us worrying if you arrive after 6th February 2016.

We have some rules and recommendations on things to bring and not to bring, the list can be found in the menu above.

If you would like some more information on what is included in your accommodation fees and what the hall provides in your room, please visit the ‘What’s Included’ tab in the main menu. This also details a few items you are not able to bring with you.

That wraps up everything you need to know and do before you arrive here. This is also our community site where you can find out the latest news, events, handy tips & recipes and heaps more! To begin exploring the website, click the home button above.

If you need to contact us for further information or to return your forms you can email us at or mail to –

Admissions Officer

Burton and Garran Hall

Building #49 Daley Road


Go to –

New Resident