Everything you need to know about making payments to B&G can be found here.

Accomodation Fees Payment

As stated in the B&G Handbook which all residents must read when accepting their offer of accommodation, you have two options to pay your rent.Option 1 is to have your rent taken fortnightly from a nominated Australian bank account as a direct debit. If you would like to use this payment method, please complete the Direct Debit Form.

Option 2 is to pay for a full semester of accommodation in advance. If you would like to use this payment option you can either use the Credit Card Payment Form, make a credit card payment over the phone (02 6184 0000) or submit a cheque made out to The Australian National University. To find out how much to pay you can see the Schedule of Fees or contact B&G Staff ( to confirm the correct amount.

Schedule of Fees

This form shows you when your accommodation payments are due and what period they cover.If you have submitted your direct debit form the due dates are the dates that funds will be deducted from your account.2021 45 week Payment Schedule.doc

Remember, your accommodation is always paid 2 weeks in advance!