Other check in information

Upon check in, there are a number of things you can purchase or borrow (for a maximum of 7 days) from the hall. These include linen packs (so you have something to sleep on) and internet cables (so you can contact your family and tell them you have arrived safely). If you would like to sign out or purchase any of these items, please just ask as you check in.

A photo will be taken of you at your time of check in. This is for our system and allows us to identify you in an emergency or when making payments etc.

You will be given a short tour when you check in to help familiarise yourself with your new home but if you need help finding anything please don’t hesitate to ask the staff in the front office.

When you check in you will also be provided with a campus map. This will help you find your way around in your first few days but if you need to find anything specific, our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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