First Year Information

Here you will find the First Year Resident form that you must complete, a handy checklist to think about before leaving home, B&G for Dummies guide, and some info for curious family members.

B&G for Dummies

Coming soon.

First Year Checklist

Recommended things to do before you leave home and some handy hints –

  • Confirm flight or transportation arrangements and advise the office of your expected arrival date and time
  • Pack linen or purchase it from the local shops in Canberra
  • Pack or set aside money for pots, pans and crockery
  • Pack clothing for all seasons (Canberra’s summers are quite hot and its winters are quite cold) We recommend bringing an additional blanket if you are prone to cold weather as ANU heating is not turned on until ANZAC day (25th April)
  • Make sure you have enough money (the start of semester can be a very expensive time of year.
  • Make sure you have enough money for text books, food, rent, stationary and phone credit)

Family Information (info for you parents and family members)

Congratulations! Your son, daughter or family member has been successful in securing a place at Burton and Garran Hall. We understand that the transition into university life isn’t just an adjustment for our residents, but also for their families. This page has been designed to try and answer any questions and quell any concerns that you may have before residents arrives at Burton and Garran Hall. We encourage you to have a read through this information and discuss any further questions or concerns with your family member.

Whilst their first time out of home can be unnerving, we treat all of our residents as adults and are unable to share any personal information with you. Our staff will always do the best we can to help you, but please be understanding of the restrictions we face due to privacy laws.

During their stay here, we will aim to ensure that your son or daughter has the best university experience possible by encouraging academic achievement and formation of new and diverse friendships. We offer excellent academic and pastoral support to our residents as well as a great community atmosphere encouraging participation in social, arts and sports events.

First Year Resident Form

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