Pastoral Care

Moving out of home and into a new community can be stressful. B&G provides pastoral support as part of its commitment to ensuring both the successful completion of your tertiary education, as well as a dynamic and well-rounded collegiate experience.

Senior Residents

Pastoral care is provided via sixteen Senior Residents (SRs); later year students of the college who go through a competitive application process and training regime to ensure the best level of support is available to our residents. SRs are here to help you with all aspects of college life, including:

Building Community
Each SR aims to create a dynamic community that welcomes everyone. This is done with weekly consultation hours/”Tim Tam Nights” as well as by engaging with the community as a whole.

Emergency Response
Senior Residents are rostered into an on-call system that runs outside of office-hours, ensuring prompt and effective responses to needs as they arise. Whether these be small matters (e.g. lost room cards, storage access) or require emergency services, the Senior Residents are trained and ready to respond to these needs.

Event Coordination
Every Senior Resident runs a floor party per term, often with e food (e.g. Pizza, potlucks, picnics) or activities (e.g. laser-tag, trampoline arena, ice-skating).

First Year Transition
SRs ensure an enjoyable and successful transition into university life, providing guidance on  best way to settle into your new environment. They also provide support and encouragement if this period is a little bumpier than expected.

Guidance and Advice
As senior members of the community, Senior Residents are well-versed on a number of matters pertaining to the student experience. Whether it be how to get involved with an aspect of college/university life, information pertaining to a course or enrolment, or the best place for coffee in Canberra, the Senior Resident will generally have an idea (or know the Senior Resident who has it sussed out!)

Individual Residents
SRs check on residents on a regular basis to ensure they are happy and healthy, providing guidance and referral to residents in times of need.

The SR on each floor is located in room 14 (ie C214, D014 etc)
If you can’t find your SR after hours and you need help, you can also reach out to the SR on duty (who provides after-hours assistance) by calling extension 40040.

Community Coordinators

This team is coordinated by one of the two Community Coordinators of the college; a full-time student and part-time employee of the college, who reports directly to the Deputy Head of Residence (a full-time employee of the college).

Your two Community Coordinators (CCs) for 2021 are Natali (she/her) and Zenia (she/her)! Don’t let their young faces fool you as they’re both in their fourth year at B&G and the ANU. This caffeinated duo oversees the Senior Residents, Academic and Spiderbites Teams at B&G. As staff members, they can be found in the CC office during the day. However, you are more likely to find them in the evening grabbing a snack at Spidies or chilling in the lounge.

Nat is an international student from Brazil in her last semester of International Relations/Commerce. She was a Senior Resident in 2019 and Community Coordinator in 2020. Nat is passionate about B&G and is driven to make it a fun and safe home for all of its residents. In her free time, she enjoys working at Mount Majura Vineyard or spending her time outdoors running, hiking or cycling. Come have a chat to her about her favourite spots in Canberra.

Zenia hails from Melbourne, and is in her last year of a double degree in Arts and International Security Studies, with a passion for Peace and Conflict Studies and refugee and migrant settlement. She was a member of the Academic Team in 2019 and a Senior Resident in 2020, and claims that her love story with B&G started when her vibe check on 2017 Open Day passed with flying colours. If she’s not lounging around B&G grounds, you can find Zenia where the soy lattes are hot, the books are on sale and the music is groovy enough to study (read: procrastinate) to. If you need study cafe recommendations (or really anything), come have a chat to her!

Feel free to say hi if you see your CCs around! You can also reach them at

(Please note: Some definitions of “pastoral” are regarding spiritual guidance under the Christian Church. Pastoral care at Burton and Garran Hall does not stem from any particular religion or denomination; it is secular in nature. For concerns of spiritual guidance, please contact ANU Chaplaincy).