BAGMA (Resident’s Committee)

BAGMA -Burton & Garran Hall Members Association is B&G’s resident committee which organises all the social, cultural and sporting events and represents the students of the hall. There are 18 elected residents that sit on BAGMA, each in charge of a specific portfolio.

Elections for these positions are held annually in October, and a successful candidate will take control of their portfolio the following year. Elections for first year representatives are held annually in February to allow for new students to participate on the committee.

Arts & Cultural

B&G residents have the opportunity to get involved in, or try, an abundance of artistic forms and activities. Each year, residents can get involved in the B&G production or the end-of-year B&G Revue. Additionally, there are opportunities to mingle with other college residents through Interhall Arts competitions and events, in which B&G competes. These include the Interhall Musical, Big Night Out Band Night, Dance Night, Talent Show, Debating, Poetry Slam, Public Speaking, Art Show, Chess, Spelling Bee, Choir and Theatre Sports.

This team includes 2 returning residents and a first year representative.

Communications & Media

To produce the term and fortnightly calendars of events to go up around the college. To run the Communications sub-committee to assist them in taking photos at BAGMA events.

This team is made up of two returning residents.


B&G is proud to give back to the wider community and engage in various charity and community bodies. We support a range of student-led initiatives including AIME mentoring and Red Cross blood drives, and fundraise for local charities including Mental Health Education ACT. We also have a great record of participation and support for events such as Live Below the Line, World’s Greatest Shave and fun runs. The Community Rep facilitates connections with these exterior community programs and helps residents to connect with these programs, while fostering internal community ties with events such as Murder and RAOK week.


  • President
    • The President’s role is to organise the rest of the team and to represent the view of the students to college administration. They chair weekly BAGMA meetings and the General meeting each semester.
  • Vice President 
    • The role of the VP Admin is to organise the sponsorship for the hall, to take minutes at the meetings and the General Meetings and to organise the yearbook committee to assist them in compiling the yearbook. They are also in charge of BAGMA’s Facebook pages and BAGMA’s section of the Redbacks website.
  • Social Officer
    • The VP Social’s role is to organise the Social life at B&G. Their role includes organising the B&G Mid-year Ball and Mr B&G. As well as organising bar nights throughout the year. Also to run the Social Sub-committee to assist them in organising these events and planning Bush Week.
  • Treasurer
    • To decide on the budget through consultation with the rest of the committee. To keep track of the budget. To go on shopping trips with committee members.
  • Secretary
    • The BAGMA Secretary is responsible for the organisation behind BAGMA. They are responsible for taking minutes and running meetings, constitutional amendments and ensuring transparency and communication within the college. They work with the Returning Officer and Chief Scrutineer to run the elections and ensure fairness and transparency in the process. The secretary is also responsible for all the clubs and societies at B&G and have the role of aiding in their establishment and ensuring they are accessible and transparent. The secretary also puts together the yearbook at the end of the year for all residents and is responsible for finding sponsorships for the college.


The Greens Rep is responsible for all things environment and sustainability! They are responsible for promoting sustainability at B&G and the wider ANU community through both education and activism of these communities. They strive to engage residents in activities which promote sustainable living and drive to instil positive change in the hall. The greens rep is also responsible for a number of long term commitments including the upkeep of the greenhouse and coordinating the care of the chickens and the veggie patch. The greens rep continues the collection deposit scheme and Lids for Kids program which B&G actively supports and look after the clothes and items left on the Breakfast Bar (BBar) to be donated at the end of the year.


As B&G has roughly 50% international students our cultural diversity is something we celebrate and of which we are very proud.  The International Reps seek to ensure a seamless transition into B&G life for international students and seek to represent the views, thoughts and ideas of our international community at B&G.We hold many ‘internationally focussed events’ including potluck dinners, where residents are encouraged to cook a dish from their home country, international movies in the lounge, as well as various cultural celebrations such as is Holi, the Indian festival of colours, and Chinese New Year. Highlights of the B&G calendar are our Multicultural Ball and the International Food Festival which are organised by our two International Reps.

This team is made up of two returning residents.


Sports reps are responsible for, you guessed it, all things sport at B&G. There are 4 sports reps who work together, one of which is a first-year representative elected in Semester 1. They promote and encourage participation and engagement in all of the sports and sporting activities B&G has to offer and ensure that sport is a fun and inclusive environment at the college. The sports reps are also members of the Interhall Sports Organisation (ISO) which involves attending meetings with sports reps from other halls and colleges as well as ensuring B&G acts as duty college for 2 sports.  Sports reps can also run their own events such as social sporting mixers, athletics carnivals or pizza parties for B&G sporting teams!

This team includes 3 returning residents and a first year representative.