Academic Team

Throughout the year the Academic Team provide a range of programs to assist residents to achieve their academic potentials.

B&G library is a quiet studying space for all residents and offer abundant amount of resources, including books, magazines and board games. An academic team member on duty from 8pm-10pm every night. We also provide tea, coffee and lollies to encourage you to make the most of B&G as a place for both living and learning!

In the lead up to semester final assessments, exam tutorials will be provided across the major first and second year courses. During the academic semester period, B&G residents are welcome to submit their essays/reports to so it can be checked by the Academic Team members.

Two speaker events and two round table discussion events are run by the Academic Team every semester to cover a wide range of topics, such as science, business, law, international relations and engineering technology.  It also provides a good opportunity for the residents to meet experts across multidiscipline.