SR Satisfaction Survey A-Ground

B&G A-Ground SR Satisfaction Survey

An SR feedback form to provide helpful feedback in an anonymous fashion to your SR.
  • Please ensure that you only enter feedback for the SR of your floor. This survey is for the floor A-Ground and for the SR SRNAME. Please ensure that this is your SR. This survey is completely anonymous. No information entered is traceable to any one individual.
  • Demographics

    This information is not used to de-anonymise entrants. It will be used solely for demographic purposes so that feedback may be utilised in the most effective method.
  • If this is your first semester at B&G, please enter "First Semester" even if you are a later year student of ANU. If you are still technically in the first year of your degree, however you are a returner from Semester 2 2016, please enter "Returner". All other students should enter "Returner".
  • SR Helpfulness and Accessibility

  • Support

  • Events

  • Other Feedback