Burton Bursary Form

If you are a resident of Burton and Garran Hall, and you are experiencing difficulty meeting accommodation expenses, a Burton Endowment Fund Bursary may assist you.

You may download the form here.


To be eligible for a Burton and Garran Hall Bursary the resident must:

  1. Be an Australian citizen;
  2. Be enrolled as a full-time Undergraduate student at ANU; and
  3. Be able to provide evidence of financial hardship.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Applications will be accepted on an ‘as needed’ basis throughout the year.
    The lodgement of an application is not a guarantee that a bursary will be awarded.
  • Bursaries are awarded for up to a maximum of 20 weeks.
  • Bursaries granted will be paid directly to the student’s residential account to offset accommodation expenses.
  • It is a condition of accepting a Bursary that the Hall Administrator be notified, in writing, within seven (7) days of changes to financial details given on your application or your status as a student

How to apply

  1. Download the form here.
  2. Review the conditions of the bursary and ensure that you are eligible.
  3. Complete all section on all pages of the application form.
  4. Print your application and sign all relevant sections
  5. Hand your hard copy application, and relevant documents, to the front office in an envelope, marked confidential and addressed:

Burton Bursary Selection Committee
Burton and Garran Hall

Alternatively, scan the application and relevant additional documents   and email to the Head of Hall: Jamiyl.Mosley@anu.edu.au

Please note that bursaries are awarded in order to alleviate financial hardship. Thus, applicants must be prepared to disclose their financial affairs to the Bursary Selection Committee. Applicants may be asked to provide proof of any claim made on the application form. Failure to complete all sections of the form, or providing misleading information, may jeopardise an application.

If assistance is required with an application, please contact the Deputy Head, on (02) 6184 0004 or the Head of Hall on (02) 6184 0005, or email to organise an appointment Nerilee.Flint@anu.edu.au or Jamiyl.Mosley@anu.edu.au