Freezer Bag Application Form

Feezer Bag Application

  • You must apply for a freezer bag if you wish to utilise the freezers at Burton and Garran Hall. You may obtain a freezer bag from the front office for $5. The office staff will attempt to allocate a freezer space near your kitchen bay, but there is no guarantee that this will occur due to the limited space available in each freezer.

    Each freezer bag comes with a combination lock, a label insert printed by office staff and an internal pocket to place the label. Once all spaces have been allocated, you may wish to apply for a second freezer bag. Please ensure to watch out for notifications in the Hallwide when secondary freezer bag applications open.

    Please ensure to store all food within your allocated freezer bag. All food not stored within the allocated freezer bags will be confiscated and disposed of by administrative staff.

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