Arrival Instructions

All you need to know about your arrival at B&G – when, how and who to call.

Arrival Prior to Contract Commencement

If you wish to arrive before the commencement of your contract, please contact as soon as possible. Early places are limited and we make no guarantee that rooms will be available.

Check In Times

If you have a full year or full semester contract you may check in anytime after 10am on the date your contract commences. If checking in after your commencement date, you may check in between 10am and 5pm following the instructions below. If you are moving in mid-semester (or receive a late offer) you may check in between 2pm and 10pm on the date your contract commences or between 9am and 10pm any day following.

Arrival During Office Hours

Your contract with us will commence on February 3rd, 2021 and you can check in from 9am on that day. We ask that you aim to check in during our regular Office Hours. These are typically Mon-Fri 10am-5pm but will be extended to 9am-5pm for Wednesday 3rd, Thursday 4th and Friday 5th February.

Upon arriving at B&G enter the central block building (signing in using the Check In Canberra) and make your way upstairs to the reception area.

Let the Front Desk staff know that you would like to check in and they will provide you with your room keys, important forms to fill out, take a photo of you for our records and arrange a tour guide to show you to your room and give you a general orientation.

Arrival Outside Office Hours

If you are only able to check in after Office Hours, we have limited slots available for you to book. Please email to book these in. Slots are available Mon-Fri before 10pm and Sat-Sun 10am-10pm.

Parents/Family/Friends on Check In Day and the Guest Policy

We will be limiting the number of people that can help you move your items into your rooms to ONE. This person cannot be swapped out halfway through the day and must be the same single person for the duration of time they assist you moving in. The person cannot be in any of the common areas of the residential blocks except to transit in and out of the building. No helper will be allowed anywhere in the building after 10pm. Residents are responsible for the behaviour and conduct of their helper at all times.

 You can have more than one person drop you off and assist to check you in at our front desk but when it comes to entering the residential buildings (A,B,C and D-Blocks) we cannot have more than 2 people in any of the resident rooms or associated common areas as part of our COVID Safe plan. No guests may enter the Central Building Common areas with the exception of the nominated helper who may assist the checking-in resident to place items in their kitchen spaces. They cannot stay and cook, sit down or linger in the kitchen space and should avoid going there at all if possible.

 Guests will NOT be allowed to stay overnight. All guest requests will be suspended until O-Week has concluded.

 Additionally, all helpers must use the Check In Canberra App to register with ACT Health their presence in any of the Hall’s buildings and the kitchen if they are needed to assist in that area with moving items into a residents kitchen spaces.


Other Check In Information

Upon check in, there are a number of things you can purchase or hire (for a maximum of 3 days) from the hall. These include a fold out bed, a double lock set and internet cables . If you would like to sign out or purchase any of these items, please just ask as you check in.

A photo will be taken of you at your time of check in. This is for our system and allows us to identify you in an emergency or when making payments etc.

You will be given a short tour when you check in to help familiarise yourself with your new home but if you need help finding anything please don’t hesitate to ask the staff in the front office.

When you check in you will also be provided with a campus map. This will help you find your way around in your first few days but if you need to find anything specific, our staff will be more than happy to assist you.